Basic Funnels Training

How to get maximum results in minimum time

What You'll Learn

  • The psychology that makes funnels so incredibly effective at converting cold traffic into warm leads
  • 3 ways to use funnels so you get results in 30 days: how to optimize your voicemail and email signature, and copy-and-paste email templates you can use to generate purchase and refinance leads
  • Zillow strategies you can use to transform your website into a lead machine
  • Valuable leadPops services included with your subscription including 1:1 training, 24/7 online support, and more
Transform Your Mortgage Website into a Lead Machine

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In Module 2 you’ll learn all about funnels including strategies you can use to get results in the next 30 days. You’ll also learn about leadPops support and services, plus how to take advantage of them so you can have more success.

What is a Funnel? Easy Ways to Use Them
Learn why funnels are effective at converting cold traffic into warm leads, plus easy ways to use them.

Quick Win #1: Optimize Your Voicemail & Email
Two easy ways to use funnels are in your voicemail and email signature. Included in this Section are two short chapters from the “Mortgage Marketing Manifesto” detailing exactly what to say and do.

Resources for this Section:

Quick Win #2: Copy LendingTree & Zillow
The big lead generators put funnels everywhere on their websites — in the form of buttons or links. This strategy is easy to copy once you know what to look for.

Resources for this Section:

Quick Win #3: Blast Email Your Database
Included in this Section are two email templates (purchase and refinance) you can copy-and-paste into your email software, send to your database, and start getting leads!

Resources for this Section:

15 Ways to Use Funnels in Your Business
Where can you put funnels? Anywhere you’re getting traffic! And the more funnels you’re using, the more leads you’ll get.

Our Commitment to YOU! Service & Support
leadPops is more than just software — there are many services and support included with your funnels membership so you can have more success.

What’s Next? Marketing Action Plan
Coming up in Module 3, you’ll learn how to customize and start using funnels to grow your Realtor relationships and referral business. And if you haven’t already, bookmark and start executing the “Marketing Action Plan.”